Monday, April 12, 2010

It's more than just surviving...

We all have probably seen or heard the sayings "nursing school: bootcamp for your brain" or "Hey, you look exhausted you must be in nursing school" or "I'm a nursing student, can I have my life back?", and even though they may be close to the truth...shouldn't we be doing more than just surviving our nursing school experience?

Here are a few helpful hints and nursing school essentials I will elaborate on over the next few days that I think are crucial for doing more than 'just surviving' your nursing school experience.

1. Take time to smell the roses.
2. Get inspired.
3. Refuel. Refresh. Rejuvenate.
4. 65 hours + no sleep = BAD IDEA.
5. Be well-rounded.
6. Iron sharpens iron.
7. Look up.
8. Never say never.

Now I know these are all fairly corny and sound slightly ridiculous...but just give me some time to explain myself. You can do more than just survive nursing school! I promise!

Yours Nursingly,

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