Monday, April 12, 2010

The journey of becoming a nurse...

After four years of hard work, determination and countless sleepless nights I have finally completed nursing school. I've been in a state of euphoria for days now and I can't believe university has come to an end. Looking back over the last four years and thinking about the person I was entering first year and the person I am now, I cannot help but be amazed by how much I have changed. Going through this program has taught me so many crucial life lessons that will stay with me forever.

I'm sure we all can look back on different situations in our lives and wish we could've known then what we know now, but that's not how life works. It's a journey, a process, a fight, an adventure, and it's such a wonderful thing. The experiences we have, the struggles and the victories, shape who we become. My hope is from reading this you will be encouraged and learn from some of my experiences. If my experiences and what I have learned can help even one person or encourage them or bring a smile to their face, I am satisfied. I am by no means an expert or renowned scholar, but sometimes the simplest lessons or gentle reminders are the ones that can help the most. Enjoy :)

Yours Nursingly,

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